“As a new author, Zetta taught me so much about story development and craft. We worked together for several months on the developmental edit of my second novel, and she has provided copyediting for several others, including my award-winning romance, Caught Up in Raine. She edits to Chicago Manual of Style, one of the standard house styles for traditional publishing. As a hybrid author who has also indie published, this will set your work apart. I highly recommend Zetta, she is worth every penny.”

~L. G. O’Connor, Author of Caught Up in Raine, 2017 IPPY Award-Winning Romance (Bronze)

* * *

“As a thriller writer, who weaves complex plots, I trust and can rely on Zetta’s keen eyes to catch even the smallest of errors critical to the storylines in my series.

~ Pat Krapf, Author of the Darcy McClain and Bullet Thriller Series, Her novel Gadgets won the “Betty L. Henrichs Award for Best Publishable Mystery Novel” awarded by the Greater Dallas Writers’ Association.

* * *

“As a scientist, I’m trained to write in a certain style which doesn’t transfer into creative prose. Zetta hasn’t just edited my work, she’s also educated me in a new field. Her input has extended far beyond the projects at hand, and she has often prepared crib sheets, hints and tips, specifically for me and my chosen genres. Having lived in the UK for seven years, she is able to transfer seamlessly between US and UK language and colloquialism and also tune prose to the desired market. I simply can’t imagine working with anyone else.”

~M. J. Jackman, Amazon UK best-selling author of the satirical vampire trilogy The Sid Tillsley Chronicles and fantasy humor novel It’s…Kind…of Magic.

* * *

“It has been a joy working with Zetta as my editor. I appreciate her keen eye for detail, also her talent for spotting plot inconsistencies. Another plus: she helped me build on the flow and suspense of my story without sacrificing my voice or my style. This quality in an editor is so important to a writer. Zetta’s notes are 5-star—thorough and often inspiring. I look forward to working with her on my next book.”

~ Molly Dean, Author of Dragon Dazzle (middle-grade fiction). Anticipated release, 2018.

* * *


Your feedback is fabulous! Wow!

I will definitely want you to review my entire manuscript once I apply what I’ve learned from these few pages. I’ve had ten beta readers and a different professional editor (first fifteen pages) review my work and nobody has helped me as much as you have.”

~ ML Condike, Mystery Author.